father john the movie


"Father" John is aptly named for his gentle ways, a reputation for always getting critical intelligence and "confessions" from even the hardest of sources. His style is uniquely suited to London, from polite society to the mean streets. He has it all - the respect of his office, a covert love affair, and prospects for promotion after thwarting a terrorist plot. That is, until one of his sources ends up dead, his cover blown, and a contract issued on his life. There is only one reassignment left for John – Shanghai.

Shanghai is a modern and international metropolis with a bright and shiny skyline, but a dark underbelly beneath it all. John finds a complex web of relationships and intrigue that takes him deep into the dark “longtang” lanes and the labyrinthine Shikumens of the real Shanghai. He must quickly learn the rules of this new environment to recognize enemy from ally, at the same time dealing with his own personal demons and regrets.

Thrown into a new world, where no one is what they seem to be and even his own partner is not to be trusted, John enlists the aid of a Chinese office assistant, Susie, to help him learn the ropes. With her assistance, John begins to make connections and unravel the levels of international duplicity and deception. She also shows him a side of the real China that other foreigners never experience as they travel in their restrictive expatriate circles. The more John begins to learn about what is really going on, the further he is led down the rabbit-hole of deceit and betrayal.

John begins to master the situation in Shanghai, but finds he is up against the Russian mafia, Korean crime lords, and the same terrorist organization that he faced in London. Will he be able to navigate these turbulent waters, bring down the terrorists, and prevent an even more deadly attack before they can carry out their contract on his life?



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