Steven Long

Executive Producer

Having worked as a software engineer for 15 years, Steve studied film for two years in London with the training division of the Raindance International Film Festival, receiving a Director's Foundation Certificate. While he was there, he studied production, taught by the Festival Director, Elliot Grove and completed a screenwriting seminar taught by Chris Vogler, author of "The Writer's Journey". Since then, Steve has written, produced and directed five short movies and two documentaries. He has also worked as the sound engineer on three short movies in Shanghai.

 Richard Trombly

Hal "Corky" Kessler

Co-Executive Producer

Corky has extensive entertainment law, corporate and worldwide entertainment industry experience. Corky regularly speaks on the business and legal aspects of feature film development and tax incentives in connection with the entertainment industry.

Corky has successfully worked with governors and United States Congressmen in several states to implement new laws and federal tax incentives for investments in qualifying film and television projects, which led to Sections 181 and 199 of The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004. Corky has also authored a reference book covering such federal and state tax incentives.

Corky has represented several authors and negotiated publishing deals with several major publishers, including Random House and Doubleday.

Corky has also assembled and built winning teams for more than 30 entertainment and other business ventures. He has developed, packaged and executive produced feature films, theatre projects and television projects, including "The Sum of Us," starring Russell Crowe, which won the Australian Academy Award for Best Film and most currently "Certifiably Jonathan" starring Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Howie Mandel, Rob Reiner, Jim Carrey, Sara Silverman, and others.


David Minnihan


David has accumulated a diverse array of experiences throughout his media career, from running the extras casting of Merchant Ivory Productions’ The White Countess, to serving as screenwriter and director on Meiwenti Productions’ short Shanghai 2020. He has also worked as an event videographer in the US, had film writing published on the world-renowned Senses of Cinema journal, and worked as writer and editor for China’s national Dragon TV.

David’s enthusiasm for the spy genre, from The Sandbaggers and John Le Carré to Queen and Country, as well as his extensive knowledge of the city of Shanghai, make him aptly suited to the Father John project.


Lola Le Guan


Lola Le Guan is a young lady with big ambition. Film has always been her first priority. Lola has keen eye for good performances. She used to work for a TV commercial production house, involved in casting. Meanwhile, she worked as casting director on short films produced by Meiwenti Productions as well as producing and directing her own award-winning short. With a clear vision, excellent language skills, as well as a passion for film production, she is a strong asset to the Father John team. She has successfully communicated with agents of major stars worldwide as well as provided essential assistance in all ranges of production.

 Richard Trombly

Richard Trombly

Associate Producer

Richard Trombly is an American writer that has been living in China for more than five years. After a successful career as reporter and editor for publications including Associated Press and Hollywood Reporter, Trombly was a founding member of Shanghai Actors Association and Meiwenti Productions. He also directed and produced several plays for the Shanghai based, East West Theatre Company.

Film credits include: 90 Days Visa, 2005 Assistant Producer; Distance Runners, 2009 Co-Producer; Short Films: Dengdai (The Waiting) 2007; Realtime Data 2008; Gua Shuo Shidian (Melon Harvest) 2008 writer, director, producer.


Jeffrey Chu

Director of Photography

Jeffrey graduated from San Francisco State University where he majored in Film. He collaborated on a variety of film projects with production house Hotbed Media, including a documentary, Confessions of a Burning Man. His narrative debut, 'Happily, Even After', premiered at Tribeca Festival

In 2004, Jeffrey moved to New York and shot a season of life-style TV show, Jo Jo New York, one feature documentary, Pipe Dream, and two features, Bonnie Situation and Chloroform Kid. In Shanghai, he was DP for Milk & Fashion.


Gianpaolo Lupori

Art Director

With a background in Media and Communication Studies, Gianpaolo has always tried to combine his passion for visual aesthetics and storytelling with an interest in the critique of media content. He has worked on international productions such as Mission Impossible 3 and The White Countess, and with internationally renowned directors such as Wong Kar-Wai.

In China, he had been producing for a variety of media, including:
Television - Lux Shanghai - Shanghai's premiere program about luxury lifestyles
Print - Shanghai Soundbites - First book on alternative music in Shanghai
Film - Dark Moon, Meatspace - Award-winning shorts
Documentaries, Advertisements

Maria Barbieri 

Maria Barbieri

Line Producer

Maria has been living and working in the film and TV industry in China since the early 80s. Some of the most recent feature films that she has worked on aree:

  • Code 46 by Michael Winterbottom (casting director for foreign extras, 2003)
  • The Great Raid by John Dahl (Assistant Director, 2004)
  • The Missing Star by Gianni Amelio (Production Supervisor, 2005)
  • The Painted Veil by John Curran (Casting Director, 2006)


Jakob Montrasio

Visual Effects

Jakob started working as a cameraman in the mid 90's. After winning a movie contest with a short that included a 3D spider and some effects, Jakob decided to become a filmmaker. After graduating with a degree in film, he worked for XenoVeo, Germany's oldest 3D company in Frankfurt. In 2005, Jakob moved to Shanghai where he was part of the Visual Effects team. Today, it is specialized in high-end special effects and/or camera work for TV and TVCs which advertising agencies and major production companies need to outsource.


Maxwell Taylor

Script Consultant

An attorney and certified teacher, with a J.D. from the University of Southern California, an international M.B.A. from Thunderbird, School of Global Management, and an M.C.E. from ICADE in Madrid, Max's professional experience stretches from teaching first graders in Spanish to University students in business law and professional ethics.  He is General Counsel and Executive Vice-President for a multi-million dollar company based in Phoenix, with operations in Arizona, California, IIllinois, and Massachusettes.  He has lived and worked extensively in Spain.

Max's passion, however, is screen and fiction writing, showcasing his keen eye for dialogue, story structure, and character development.  He has published a short story, A Mourning Surprised, about the death of Francisco Franco, and has completed a novel, Vagabond Spring, a historical epic set before and during the Spanish Civil War.




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