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Father John Wins First Annual People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Film Pitch

Monday Jan. 25, 2009

We won the People's Choice Award!

This is definitely the biggest news that has happened to our production since it began.

We've shown up on several industry websites, as well as gotten more serious attention from potential financiers. At AFM 2010 in November, there will be a press event where they present us the actual award.

The official AFM press release about the win is here:

Press Release

In addition to the win, the profile of our film has been raised exponentially through our global network of connections that spread the word during the contest and our establishment of a solid viral and social networking presence.

We are currently in the middle of several exciting developments, about which we'll be sure to post more when they happen.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by: David at 4:16pm


Father John Finalist in People’s Choice Awards’ Favorite Film Pitch Contest

Monday Dec. 28, 2009

Even more good news from our AFM trip!

One thing we did while at the market was to enter the 1st Annual People’s Choice Awards Favorite Film Pitch contest. Along with hundreds of other producers and directors at the market, we pitched Father John to a video camera, in a prepared two-minute monologue.

This week, we were informed that Father John was chosen as one of the five finalists! This means that our pitch, along with four others, will be put up on the People’s Choice Awards’ website for people all over the world to support.

Our press release about the contest is here:

Press Release in ENGLISH

Press Release CHINESE

So be sure to go on the site between January 6th and January 20th, check out our pitch, and help Father John to become the number one film people want to see in 2010!

Happy Holidays!

Vote early, vote often!

Posted by: David at 7:22pm



Father John at AFM 2009 in Los Angeles

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Hi all,

Welcome to the Father John production blog. The purpose for keeping this record is simple. Once we begin our production, it will be an insider's view of the ups and downs of producing an independent film in China. We will attempt to be as candid as possible so that we can be a resource to future filmmakers in similar situations.

This first entry details our trip to AFM,

the biggest US film market, where we recently pitched our project and received a great deal of positive response. Attending were Steve Long, (Executive Producer/Screenwriter), Max Taylor (Associate Producer/Script Consultant), and myself, David Minnihan (Producer).

The experience of what for all of us was our first AFM was an eye-opening and powerful one. We made many valuable connections to production companies, distributors, and entertainment attorneys, as well as many passionate filmmakers like ourselves.

The sheer atmosphere and buzz at a market like this was quite refreshing. Everyone there has a project (or several), everyone is trying to compete for the same opportunities and funding and connections, and yet everyone is also very friendly and helpful, especially once they have heard a bit about our film. One thing that this experience confirmed for me was the unique nature of our film concept. I talked with many young filmmakers who had their own pet project that s/he were trying to pitch, and many of the concepts have since run together in my mind. I'm sure, however, that they have all gone to their respective homes and still remember clearly the "China Spy Movie" guys they met.

The seminars we attended were especially valuable. A person can get more of a practical film education here in two hours than in four years of film school (believe me, I know). Real professionals giving insider information that isn't of the type found in any books or classes. The Producer's Guild seminar in particular gave us the background and details necessary to further outline our goals and planning at this stage of the project.

In addition, having three of our production team together in the same place at the same time (a rarity for our globe-spanning crew) allowed for us to reach some major breakthroughs on script development and take the story to a whole new level of drama.

Overall, this was the key event in our entire development process to date. It has truly brought Father John out into the larger film community and set our course firmly and decisively into the future.

Posted by: David at 3:35pm



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