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The Value of Father John

I was first attracted by the story of Father John because of its relevance and its originality. The film is a spy adventure grounded more in the realities of that profession than the fantasies of Hollywood and James Bond. It showcases seedy nighttime Shanghai as a melting pot of shady expatriates, living as if the ‘whore-of-the-orient’ 30’s have come again. It features the drama of a man who thought his life was perfect until he wakes up to learn that he has been dedicating himself not in service to an illustrious ideal, but to the same petty, and human, motivations as the rest of us.

At its core, Father John is the story of a man’s search for meaning in a world where the institutions of his profession no longer provide any. John has been going through the same routine for so long that it takes a total sea change in his life to wake him up from that-threats both personal and global, as well as a completely new environment. The events that befall him in Shanghai are more than just a disorienting experience, they are a wake-up call that forces him to examine and question his whole way of life. It is this questioning, this loss of faith in government and establishment and even personal human connection, that drew me to the story, and what will draw others as well.

The journey of Father John is both contemporary in its concerns and timeless in its appeal. This is its true value. I cannot wait for the day when we can share with the world this character-driven neo-noir spy drama for the globalization age, filled with romance and wit, a tale of international intrigue in the glittering metropolis.

David Minnihan


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